Latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive news in 2021

Hot Counter-Strike: Global Offensive news with CSGO or lengthened to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the Valve and Secret Path Entertainment squad focused the first-person shooter, published in 2012. The name itself was a standalone game developed in 1999 and eventually adapted into a Valve game series. Players play the role of a terrorist or counter-terrorist with each side having a particular task to achieve before they are eliminated by the opposing team, or according to the full timeline, such as, for example, planting and protecting a bomb on a specific location, while counter-terrorist agents must destroy the terrorists before they can be planted or re-armed.

After tying the series 1-1, Gambit picked the Train map and proceeded to gain the upper hand. Abay “Hobbit” Khassenov stepped up for Gambit and secured a solid opening to the round on the offense. Gambit swept Virtus.Pro in Train with the final score of 16-4. Sh1ro was outstanding throughout the tournament, his performance against Na’vi being the most notable one. Earning a rating of 1.27, he had an above average rating in 15 of the 17 maps played. Some important statistics defining his brilliance in the tournament include KAST: 77.8%, Impact: 1.16, K/D Ratio: 1.52 and Deaths / round: 0.48.

The 21-year old oSee prevented the repeated attempts of High Coast’s members to enter bomb sites and ended the match with a +30 Kill-Death ratio. Extra Salt lost the first map but later dominated High Coast in Train and also in the deciding Overpass map. This final match was preceded by Extra Salt’s 2-1 win over Triumph and 2-0 domination over Bad News Bears. See extra info at Pley. Prime Status is a feature of CS:GO for users who have purchased CS:GO or are Profile Level 21 or above. Users who have Prime Status receive benefits only available to Prime users. – Steam These accounts which we offer are boosted by our team of professional boosters. These accounts are boosted to prime status, via the private rank 21 method. Our boosters put in their talent, to boost these accounts to private rank 21, to obtain the prime status. Csgo prime accounts in this product range have various private rank levels, to provide a discounted and cheap variety of Csgo Ranked Prime Accounts. All CS:GO players have an option to upgrade to Prime Status. When Players upgrade to Prime Status the matchmaking matches the game with other players who also have Prime Status, Also CS:GO Prime Users are eligible for Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases.

FPS eSports on the rise in 2021: A well-known team in the Call of Duty and CS:GO scene, FaZe have found themselves at the 10th spot of our list, not because of their success in the FPS titles, but rather the contribution of their battle royale players. Just over one-third of FaZe Clan’s 2019 earnings ($1.1 million) came from PUBG, where FaZe claimed three tournament titles and finished second at PUBG Global Championship. With a slightly lower total winning ($964,000) comes FaZe’s Fortnite team, while the combined earnings of their Call of Duty and CS:GO teams comes to about $894,000. Known for being one of the iconic teams in the Call of Duty scene for almost a decade, the newly formed FaZe Atlanta will compete in the upcoming 2020 Call of Duty League, where they will aim to pocket the largest slice of mouth-watering $6,000,000 prize pool, leading us to believe we can expect for FaZe to return to the top 10 list next year as well.

What are esports? Esports (or electronic sports) are professional, organized video games competitions. In other words, professional gamers play videogames against one another competitively, often for large sums of money and prestige. These tournaments can range from small local matches to filling out stadiums of thousands. According to Newszoo’s 2018 Global Esports Market Report, the esports industry is estimated to be worth nearly one billion dollars within the next year – that’s a year-on-year increase of a whopping 38%. In addition, Newszoo estimates that by 2019, 427 million people worldwide will be watching esports (via ESPN).

In South America, teams play in a double-elimination bracket where all matches excluding the grand finals are best-of-three series. Grand finals are a best-of-five affair with a one-map advantage to the winning team. Whoever wins this event receives $16 thousand along with an invitation to IEM Summer 2021. DreamHack Open March 2021 kicks off on March 10 and CS:GO esports fans can catch all the action live on Twitch.