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Donkey Kong : The first game to feature Mario – er, Jump Man – Donkey Kong was an arcade classic, so it’s no wonder why it was eventually ported to DOS in 1983.

Manic Miner

If you think modern games are too easy, this Spectrum hit is the remedy. All 20 screens host a clutch of wild and unpredictable hazards. If it was released now, it would have an easy mode and a dubstep soundtrack; best stick with the original. Play Retro Games Online!

Ms Pac-Man

It introduced new maps and was harder: this gender-confused pill gobbler made for the most successful US-produced coin-op.

Chuckie Egg

Played at a faster pace than Donkey Kong, Chuckie Egg required pixel-perfect leaps. It was home grown, intense and satisfying.

Street Fighter II Turbo

It’s smoky arcades filled with old cabinets that have been left scarred from cigarette burns, and unused credits sliding down onto floors that are perpetually sticky with cheap, stale booze. It’s teaching friends how to do the perfect dragon punch motion. It’s beating that bigger kid by doing Blanka’s electric attack. It’s unlocking Akuma and then immediately losing half of your life bar within seconds. Turbo might be the definitive version of Street Fighter II, but whichever one you played, the memories will no doubt still vividly linger.

Streets of Rage 2

Two players, two pads, too many fizzy drinks: the only way to play Sega’s bruising brawler was with a partner. It was a rival to Capcom’s Final Fight, but this game definitely had the edge, which was partly due to Yuzo Koshiro’s particularly memorable score.


A high-end car, a beautiful girl, blue skies and a long strip of road to the horizon. It’s not so much a race as a high-speed cruise, taking you on the ultimate US road trip.

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