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PUBG live streams mobile app? ChocoTaco was not a streamer from the beginning. In terms of career, he was an educator with a decent salary. Many of you might not know about it, but streaming as a job was a decision which ChocoTaco made in his later part of the career. After having an average amount of audience, ChocoTaco left his job as an educator and began streaming full time. He’s a great PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Player, the best thing about ChocoTaco is his stream environment. He’s calm, collected, professional PUBG player who also provides some fun streams.

Pro games players news : Harrison “psalm” Chang is our fourth Fortnite player on the list, who earned just under $1.82 million with his performances throughout 2019. Psalm, who is a member of Counter Logic Gaming made his presence in 2019 known with his second-place finish at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup – Solo where he earned $1.8 million. Besides his incredible run at World Cup, the 24-year-old also finished 20th at Fortnite Secret Skirmish Series 2019 ($10,000) and fourth at TwitchCon 2019 – Fortnite – Wave 3 ($3,000), while the majority of the remaining earnings came from Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers.

PUBG mobile streaming started as a hobby for most of the best streamers on YouTube and has evolved since then. We bring to you a comprehensive list of the 5 most popular PUBG Mobile streamers as of June 2020. PUBG Mobile streaming started as a leisure activity for most of the current streamers on YouTube. However, within a couple of years, their hobby has transformed into a full-fledged career with considerable fame and fortune. They now have big-corporate sponsors and generate revenue through ads as well as the promotion of software and hardware equipment.

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Dr. DisRespect’s character can get a bit controversial, though. His trash talking, kind-of-a-jerk persona even put him briefly at odds with the actual PlayerUnknown, Brendan Greene. After Doc was temporarily banned for killing a squadmate, the pair traded lighthearted jabs on Twitter, before Doc made a joke suggesting violence against Greene. The issue seems to have been resolved, though, and DisRespect is back to playing his game. Summit1G is one of the top PUBG players in the game. Not only does he have more than 2 million followers on Twitch, he’s also dominant on the leaderboards, sitting high on the charts for individual kills. Summit’s very good at PUBG, and watching him is likely to make you better as you watch him do things like knock people out at extreme distances and outsmart foes in unlikely, no-way-he-should-have-won situations.