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Mahjong is a ancient table game that was created in China. As with any good product it was adopted by many cultures around the globe. Evidence from Chinese researchers claim that contemporary Mahjong originated from Kiangsu, Anhwei near Shanghai around mid- to late 19th century, while others still contest the origin of the game even today. Mahjong isn’t very well know prior to 1905 in the rest of the world, however during the early 20th century it gradually spread to the Western world. By 1920, Mahjong spread in the states feverously.

In the traditional rules of the game, the four wind tiles are laid face down and each of the four players draws one to determine where they sit at a square table: north, west, south and east. Each player is then given 14 tiles. To get a Mahjong, a player must arrange their tiles into four sets and a pair. A set can either be a “pung,” a set of three identical tiles, or a “chow,” three tiles in sequence of the same suit. (The rules are similar to Rummy in that you can have either a run of three cards or three of a kind. The trick is to remember the characters! ) Once the tiles have been dealt, the remaining tiles are formed into a wall of 17 tiles long and 2 high in front of each player. These rituals of play are said to guard off cheaters as Mahjong is a gambling game.

It’s funny to note that this game used to be banned in China — the country it originated from. After the People’s Republic of China took control of the government in 1949, all gambling activities were prohibited including mahjong. It was not until 36 years that later people could enjoy this game legally. And now, thanks to the development of the Internet, mahjong appears as one subcategory of puzzle game. Source:

Today, there are actually now two Mah Jong organizations in the United States. The National Mah Jong League has been joined by the American Mah Jong Association. This association has put on Mah Jong tournaments all over North America. They are perhaps most famous for their signature tournament, which is held at the prestigious Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort which is located in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The NMJL, who conducted their first Mah Jong cruise tournament in 1986, is also known for their hosting of the 25th Silver Anniversary Cruise in 2010, where players came from Canada and every part of the U.S. to compete.

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